Sticking to our goals can be tough, especially when we’re just not feeling it. We have all been there. I know exactly how it feels to give up on goals that were once so important to me.  

This topic isn’t new, but what are some common reasons that cause us to give up? Below, I closely identify some reasons that trigger us to take a detour and I share some ways that we can avoid them!

1.) Confusion

There will ALWAYS be something new for us to learn.

Whether we find ourselves in the midst of our journey or we are beginning to pursue a new goal.  This could be learning a new exercise, introducing unfamiliar foods into our diets, mastering a new skill at work, etc.

When this happens, we typically avoid the “new something”. It can make us feel uncomfortable and that discomfort will be the turning point to whether or not we continue to pursue the goal at hand or stop dead in our tracks and turn that car around.

If you notice yourself avoiding change or resisting the “new something” I encourage you to take a few action steps to help yourself move past this “confusion speed bump”. Here are a couple examples that might help you sort through this difficult time:

  • Support system: I know for me, whenever I’ve been tempted to give up I’ve leaned in hard on my support system.

This is where having a coach (for whatever your goals are: fitness, business, life, etc) can be a game changer. Also having a close circle of friends that are ready and willing to provide you encouragement and resources to help you move along in your journey.

Sometimes that little nudge is all we need to keep going.

  • Reminders: Write down your “why”.

Your WHY is the reason you have a goal in the first place.

Reminding ourselves of the big picture can be helpful when we are trying to overcome these small obstacles.

Facing the confusion is CRUCIAL in order to move forward in your newfound knowledge and making you an equipped soldier on your journey in this life and towards your goals!

2.) Discouragement

Ahh yes, discouragement… our good old friend. (notice the sarcasm??)

Whether you are discouraged from comparison, not seeing progress as quickly as you would like or you’re not getting the support you would like…this is definitely something many of us can relate to when it comes to giving up.

“Staying in your lane” is a motto I recommend practicing when discouragement can rear it’s ugly head.

What I mean by this is putting your blinders up.

There’s always going to be other people sharing their input or making suggestions and sometimes you just have to be confident that you are where you need to be in this moment.

Don’t waste your precious energy worrying about what they may think.

Comparing yourself to others is another culprit that ignites discouragement. It literally only takes one thumb through a social media feed to take you from confident to “less than”.

Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s important  to stay the course even when progress isn’t obvious.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. But, in order to become stronger, you must endure “the suck”.

It can be very discouraging when we’re not particularly in the most enjoyable part of our journey or we are not seeing noticeable progress.

Progress is not linear, nor is it typically visible right away.

Just know that the consistent efforts you make everyday ADD UP over time.
One healthy meal or one workout doesn’t make you fit, the opposite is also true…. =)

Some things I encourage you to try that I find helpful in this time are:

  • Focusing on your own progress
  • Focusing on the enjoyment of your journey
  • Remembering your end goal
  • Talking to people who support you (you know, the ones who “get it”)

As you can see, there are many logical reasons why we choose to give up, and just how EASY it is to let all of these things get the best of us.

I hope these tips and encouragement can help guide you and gain the confidence to be persistent and intentional!
Let’s remember…#progressnotperfection 🙂

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