As you consider your goals for this coming year (fitness or not) it’s most helpful to also consider the behaviors or actions that will get you to those goals.

Examples of an end goal:

“I want to lose 20lbs this year.”
“I want to fit into my favorite jeans.”
“I want to have $50,000 in investments within 2 years.”
“I want to buy a house”

Whenever we work with clients here at The OMNI FIT, our role goes WAY beyond just providing a set of macros, nutrition guidelines or a training program. The true coaching comes into play when THEY ALLOW us the opportunity to help THEM create realistic action goals.

Think about that though….

They allow us to coach them.

That fact can’t be ignored because too many ladies approach coaching, training or some kind of programming with the misunderstanding that once they get their “to dos” the rest just works itself out.


There are actions involved and you’ll get the MOST out of any type of program when things can be adjusted for your goals. All of our programs have this worked into them….coaching and non-coaching alike.


For the sake of using real life examples the rest of this article will focus on fat loss goals. Of course, insert whatever goals you’d like so it applies to you….

Ask yourself:

“What’s your end goal?”

In other words, what do you want to accomplish with your exercise and nutrition program?

Let’s get specific…. what exactly do you want to lose and how much of it?

Got that specific goal? Let’s say it’s lose 20 lbs.

What is a realistic expectation to achieve that end goal?

(This is where an expert in the field is helpful….fitness, finances, etc) This helps you set the first REALISTIC goal….

Let’s use the example above of wanting to lose 20lbs. Generally speaking, we can expect if you’re really dedicated, you could lose about 8 lbs in the first 8 weeks. (Keeping in mind, this might not be SCALE WEIGHT as the scale can’t factor in lean mass gained along the way.)

Knowing this SPECIFIC goal we can move onto the next step….

How motivated are you by this realistic goal?

If during events like summer BBQ’s, bdays, weddings, etc you’ll be tempted by foods that aren’t on really on your plan. And when you’re extra busy at work you be tempted to skip workouts.

If losing 8 lbs in 8 weeks isn’t important to you, you’ll break your plan.

So, what REALLY gets you motivated to reach this goal?

Once you’ve found your motivation…forget about the goal.



Write it down and forget about it.

Action Goals

Your ONLY responsibility is to focus on the ACTIONS that will lead you to that goal.


“I commit to eating breakfast every day for the next 8 weeks.”
“I commit to only eat ‘junk food’ during my one scheduled ‘free meal’ each week”
“I commit to missing no more than 10% of my scheduled exercises sessions for the next 8 weeks.”

THOSE are what you write down and look at daily.

That’s what you hold yourself accountable to.

If you follow through with THOSE goals, you WILL reach your end goal.

But, this is where most people FAIL.

They don’t write them down. They don’t follow through. They don’t remain focused. They don’t create a foolproof system to prevent themselves from becoming distracted.

HOW you want to hold yourself accountable and how/when you want to consider adjusting your action steps or behaviors is up to you.

This is where we come in and help ladies aiming to reach certain physique changes like losing 20lbs or gaining lean muscle

(Hint: this is the step where I personally seek counsel from my financial advisor about what actions we – the hubs and I – should take to reach our goals for 2017 and beyond.)

Think about THAT when you set your goals this year. We are here to help! All you gotta do is reach out.

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