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I love fall. In the Upper Midwest, where I grew up, fall came early.  By late September, there was this “feeling” in the air. Affectionately, we called it “holing in”. “Holing-in”, is a perfect analogy for self-care.

Everything outdoors was prepared for the coming quiet of winter months. Demands seemed to slow and our focus turned inward. It was a time of rest, renewal, and preparation for next spring. The recollection of those years is like a warm embrace from a familiar friend. Considering it now brings a stillness, a relief, and a peace to my soul.

At its root, self-care is like “holing in”. It is the act of making space and giving rest. It encourages us to create space to listen to the rustling leaves, the cacophony of flocks moving south, and the insulated quiet of new-fallen snow. It is a signal that invites us below the surface of our lives and deeper into the space that supports all new spring blossoms.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is not about being self-absorbed or obsessive, nor is it about extravagant purchases or indulgent services (though it may include such things.) It is much richer and way deeper.

Self-care is the act of attending to your own well-being. It encompasses all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare. The essence of self-care is “soul care,” a time to sort-out life, to let down, and to be real. When judiciously practiced, it allows you to arrive full in all aspects of your life.

Truly, self-care is the art of living well.

Do you live a full-throttle life, Superwoman?

Unfortunately, the demands of modern life push away and devalue this space. Our world is obsessed with the next trend, purchase, click, experience, or productivity hack. We are beckoned to material imitations or busy-ness at the expense of wholeness. We easily fall into a pace and state of being that we were not designed to sustain.

It seems our modern dilemma is to push, pull or cajole ourselves through each day. Surviving in this way, we lose connection with our souls, others, and the greater purpose for which we live. As we lose touch with our souls, so easily the health of our body seems to follow. Ultimately, we awaken to a stranger in the mirror.

Space to Breathe

Tending to one’s own well-being is much like “holing-in”. Maybe you could say wholing-in. It is the act of making space to bring our fragmented selves together again. A safe space you create to get real with yourself. A space filled with grace for what is good, true, and right. A margin for leisure, rest, and recovery.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, 
including you”

Anne Lamott

Wholing-in provides perspective, down-throttles stress, increases overall well-being, and generally decreases problematic health triggers. Ultimately, it should be a time to validate and inform your soul, lead to greater health, and enable your greatest work.

Proactive Steps

Step 1:  Schedule slow before it schedules you! We must become hyper-intentional about making space. Each of us must actively plan our self-care. Make an appointment to check-in with yourself daily, weekly, and monthly. Carve out your soul-loving space. Jot it on your calendar.

Step 2: Stop to take stock. As Sigmund Freud said, “Being extremely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” Ask and answer the question, “What do I really need?” Does it involve another? What is required to make it happen? Get creative.

Step 3: Taking stock goes hand-in-hand with personal accountability. You must take proactive action to make it happen. Guard your decision for space fiercely. It will allow you to say NO, so you can ultimately say YES.

Tactical Triggers

Sure, self-care might look like a manicure or a new purse, but it also might look like actually planning a grocery list and trip to the store to enjoy giving yourself and your family the gift of good, nutritious food.

Or how about a sweat-breaking training session or taking a nap or walk to clear your head. It might equally mean promising yourself nightly bedtime routine, a hot bath at a regular interval, cozy up with a good book, lunch with a friend, a date night, a closet clean-out , a laughter or gratitude exercise, a pen and journal, indulgence in a favorite creative art or craft, preparing a meal for friends, playing an instrument, attending an event, or trying a new food.

Maybe for some, it is eliminating electronic distractions so you can get down on the floor to play with your children, as a child again. Is it gardening, strolling a farmer’s market, spiritual reading, a massage, cloud watching, a picnic, a game, prayer, meditations, a puzzle, or exploring a new skill?  Perhaps it is simply practicing gratitude or pondering true happiness.

The list is endless.  It’s personal.  What speaks to you?

Final Thoughts

Deep down, we all know our health will suffer without buffer space. So isn’t it time we get honest with ourselves? What is eating our health? (pun intended!) What brings us life? What restores our souls? What needs to change?

What will you do to begin your process of “wholing-in”?

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