The other day, I had the pleasure of joining my friends Alex Kikel and Austin Stout on their podcast: Beast Fitness Radio.

On this episode we discuss all things female!!

We cover so many details relating to how females differ from males in regards to training, dieting, mental state, supplements & cardio.

What’s the research say? Does it differ from what we are seeing in practice?

I come on about 13 min in after the guys chat a bit during their intro. =)



iTunes: Beast Fitness Radio Episode: Kala Duncan Prepping Female Athletes posted 4/1/17 Episode: Kala Duncan Prepping Female Athletes posted 4/1/1


We chat a bit about training on this episode and if you haven’t seen our female focused resource guide, you’ve got to check it out below!!!


A Female’s Guide to Strength Training & Cardio Resource Guide

Learn the proven system of body transformation for females.  And how to implement it then within YOUR individual lifestyle.