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How easy is it to put all of our focus on the high demand things that require SO much of our energy everyday? We get up, start making breakfast for our kids, worry about deadlines, focus on pleasing our husbands and before we know it…we haven’t washed our hair in four days!  #realtalk

It’s far too easy to get behind on ourselves and what we need to function best. I know, I know. You’re thinking just how selfish that is and how impossible that seems with all of the demands and roles we are called to. You have every right to think that. However, just remember that our relationships can’t be healthier than us. Take time to really reflect on this truth-revealing fact. If we are not doing well on the inside; how do we expect to have flourishing and growing relationships?

Below I uncover why NOW is the perfect time to take care of yourself.

1.) You need it.

You need to put your health and needs as a priority. I’m an advocate of retaining a server’s heart as a priority; and truly believe the power of humility in our lives. There is, however, a fine line between putting yourself first and putting your needs as a priority. Needs are more simple than you think. We need sleep. We need good nutrition. We need time to ourselves and to recharge. What’s important to know is that you do NOT need to feel guilty or selfish by putting your health as a priority in your life.

2.) You deserve it.

It’s far too easy to put our health aside to prioritize our families and loved ones instead. No matter if you grace the position of a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, co-worker, or entrepreneur; you deserve time for yourself. Time to yourself can mean simply turning your phone off, turning some music on, and letting go for a moment. Get a cup of coffee in your hand, get a manicure, go wander around target (why on earth is that so therapeutic?) and start prioritizing self care. You deserve this type of love and grace in your life.

3.) Others will benefit from it, too.

You haven’t had alone time in who knows how long; and the way you just snapped at your innocent neighbor reflects that, too. It’s one thing to press on through a hard day, even a hard week. But when pride sneaks in, all vulnerability hides; and that’s not ideal for any relationship, especially the relationship with yourself and your creator. When we allow pride to take a number, we become honest with ourselves in what is truly a priority and close to our heart to help us flourish in the ways we are meant to. These are actions steps as simple as waking up twenty minutes earlier and having quiet time before others wake up, a bubble bath to yourself, a workout that gets rid of both emotional and physiological toxins. The relationships in our lives demand the best of us. How do they get that? Ask yourself, “what do I need to do in order for my relationships to be healthy, too?”. The answer is always leading back to taking care of yourself.

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