We are all passionate about something in our lives. Whether that’s a sport, our career, a hobby, or our family. Whenever we are really passionate about something, we work hard to pursue it.

No matter where you are on your journey there will always be a sort of “balance” that only YOU  can determine. Certain seasons will require different commitments than others. There are some commonalities that each season will have, despite the fact that the goal might be different.

Therefore, the effort remains the same.  Whether your goal is to lose body fat (like in contest prep), put on muscle (like during an improvement season) or find a happy maintenance (like after you’ve reached a fat loss goal or ended a contest prep) there are some basic principles that should continue to remain constant.

Key Components of being productive and progressive

No matter the season that you’re in right now these are 3 fundamental elements of a successful fitness journey!

  1. Consistent

Consistency wins, always.

This is absolutely crucial for any real progress to occur. This can relate to any journey. Becoming a mom, starting a new career, putting on muscle, the list goes on!

Whatever you choose to pursue, stay consistent everyday. 

I know that this is easier said than done.

In a recent poll we asked, “When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, what is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?”

Being consistent was ranked number 1. The majority of women we talk to don’t necessarily struggle with knowing what to do, the struggle is being able to do what they know!

How do you create LASTING change?

Our team put together this fantastic video series to share some tools with you to help with this very problem. Check it out HERE!

The same goes for allowing yourself permission to “go with the flow”. Just like one healthy meal or one intense workout isn’t going to magically transform your physique, one unhealthy (or high calorie) meal or missing a workout isn’t going to totally derail your progress. At the end of the day it’s ALL about what you’re ABLE to do daily that accomplishes change.

2. Purposeful

Our slogan at The OMNI FIT is “Be Intentional”.

Think about it this way, when you are in college working towards a degree you’re assigned an advisor. This advisor helps to direct you towards choosing the classes that will lead you to your desired degree. You might be able to relate, but I know for me, there have been plenty of courses that I wouldn’t have CHOSEN to take… I truly don’t enjoy Chemistry, haha. But, I know that Chemistry is needed in order to graduate and receive my Science degree. If I were to have spent the last few years just picking and choosing the classes that I “wanted” to take, without a plan in place, I likely wouldn’t be near graduating. Instead, I would have wasted the last few years (or more).

My point is, I’ve been intentional with my education. This is just one example that requires a plan. Fitness goals are the same.

There are SO MANY various forms of exercise, different styles of fat loss diets, traditional and non-traditional forms of cardio, etc. It’s crucial to know what is best for YOU and YOUR goals.


In addition to having a plan to follow, it’s equally as important to have accountability in place to be sure you’re continuing to head in the right direction. Many times we can be so “in the trenches” that we lose track of where we are headed.

If we look at a pilot and co-pilot relationship we can gain a better understanding of the roles between a coach and client. As a coach, I help my clients “stay on track” by assisting in routine tasks that they might miss being so focused on the end goal. I help them remain level headed and I continue to educate them along the way. They, by no means, ever just abandon ship and check out. It’s 100% teamwork when it comes to accomplishing goals. Many times more advanced clients can easily “fly the plane” on their own and just check back in with me for accountability along the way.

Whether you use a coach or a friend, having a form of objective accountability that you can trust is vital to continued progress.

  1. Enjoyable

This should be the easiest part of your journey… to ENJOY it! A key component to long lasting success and adherence to your current goal is to make it enjoyable. Even if what you’re doing isn’t particularly easy, you can still enjoy that process and time of change. This gets better with practice, of course. 

The longer and more frequent  you perform your endeavors, the better you get! We are all unique in our own way, therefore we all gain different perspectives over time.

Whatever it is you choose to pursue; if you enjoy it, it will be sustainable and WORTH your precious time!

Many times this is a hard concept for other’s to grasp. They think once they start contest prep, an improvement season, (or ANY new journey) that it is time to kick it in GEAR. Yes, that’s true. But…your gears should always be turning. Isn’t that what a productive and progressive lifestyle is all about? You can be working just as hard with a new goal target. It is possible with these three key components to succeeding in your goals!

The grind never stops; the focus just changes.

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